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我院胡新将老师在Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology Scientific reports SCI期刊发表5SCI论文,详细列表如下:


[1] Xinjiang Hu(胡新将)*, Yunlin Zhao*, Hui Wang, Xiaoxi Cai, Xi Hu, Chunfang Tang, Yunguo Liu,  Yuanxiu Yang, Decontamination of Cr(VI) by graphene oxide@TiO2 in an aerobic atmosphere: e?ects of pH, ferric ions, inorganic anions, and formate, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, DOI 10.1002/jctb.5565(二区,SCI 2016 IF= 3.135

[2] Xin-jiang Hu(胡新将)*, Yun-guo Liu*, Hui Wang, Statistical Analysis of Main and Interaction Effects on Cu(II) and Cr(VI) Decontamination by Nitrogen-Doped Magnetic Graphene Oxide, Scientific reports, 2016, 6, 34378. (三区,SCI 2016 IF= 4.259

[3] Xinjiang Hu(胡新将)*, Jiawen Xu, Cuiyu Wu, Jianbin Deng, Wenwei Liao, Yuxiang Ling, Yuanxiu Yang, Yina Zhao, Yunlin Zhao, Xi Hu, Hui Wang, Yunguo Liu, Ethylenediamine grafted to graphene oxide@Fe3O4 for chromium(VI) decontamination: Performance, modelling, and fractional factorial design, PLoS One, 12 (2017) e0187166. (三区,SCI 2016 IF= 2.806

[4] Xinjiang. Hu(胡新将)*, Y. Zhao*, H. Wang, X. Tan, Y. Yang, Y. Liu, Efficient Removal of Tetracycline from Aqueous Media with a Fe3O4 Nanoparticles@graphene Oxide Nanosheets Assembly, Int J Environ Res Public Health, 14 (2017). (三区,SCI 2016 IF= 2.101

[5] Yuanxiu Yang, Xin-jiang Hu(胡新将)*, Yunlin Zhao, Lihua Cui, Zhujian Huang, Jianliang Long, J. Jiawen Xu, Jianbin Deng, Cuiyu Wu, Wenwei Liao, Decontamination of tetracycline by thiourea-dioxide-reduced magnetic graphene oxide: Effects of pH, ionic strength, and humic acid concentration, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2017, 495, 68-77. (二区,SCI 2016 IF= 4.233




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